AUTUMN SALAD – Another Easy, Healthy & Fun recipe to surprise your guests


Lamb´s lettuce              
Baby red Batavia leaves
Fig bread
Semi-cured Manchego cheese
Majorero Cheese
Mahon Cheese
Marcona Almond
Pine nuts          
Fleur de Sel
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Sherry vinegar from Jerez
Honey from Villuerca Ibores D.O


1.Firstly we place the lamb´s lettuce and the baby red Batavia leaves
2.Then slice the Majorero Cheese, Manchego Cheese and Mahon Cheese
3.Slice the fig bread add to the salad
4.Add the Marcona almond and the Pine Nuts too.
5.To make the vinaigrette is necessary to put the following ingredients in a bowl: sherry vinegar from Jerez, extra virgin olive oil, fleur du sel and a spoon of Honey from Villuerca Ibores D.O.
6.Then emulsify and add to the salad to taste.
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